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Let Teacher Tom inspire you to polish your early years practice.

The Technology Of
Speaking With Children
Creating Space For Learning To Happen
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Teacher Tom E-Course

The Technology Of Speaking With Children

In a very real sense, the language we use creates reality. Teacher Tom shares how the specific words we use, and how and when we use them, shape our individual experiences.


Participants learn to honor children without commanding or bossing them; to use words that create a world of facts and intrinsic motivation; to create space in which children are enabled to do their own thinking and make their own decisions; and to support children as they learn from the natural consequences of their behaviors.


In this 6-part e-course Teacher Tom unpacks his well known approach for the first time. Discover how to fundamentally shift how you speak with the children in your preschool/pre-K classes, and at home. Earn a 3-hour PD certificate.  

Teacher Tom E-Course

Partnering With Parents

Parents and early years teachers should be natural allies, yet all too often our relationships are full of challenges. Teacher Tom digs into the guilt, fear, and anxiety driving modern parents, and offers his perspective about how educators can help to foster trusted and productive partnerships that benefit all parties. 

In this 6-part e-course Teacher Tom shares his best practices to enable early years educators to optimize their communications with parents, to help parents better understand and support play-based education, risky play, shift their attitude about discipline, and "everything else."  Earn a 4-hour PD Certificate. 

With Parents
It Takes a Village: Making Allies of the Parents You Teach
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